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The MSNBC talk show Morning Joe was broadcast live from Wichita State University on Tuesday. It featured an interview with Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries in Wichita.

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Leaders from Wichita State and the city's private sector attended the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) Summit in Washington DC last week. The summit is geared toward best practices in manufacturing. Last year's summit helped generate a $7 million grant recently awarded to WSU.

WSU Venture's Debra Franklin says the group met with federal experts to learn more about new manufacturing processes to become more globally competitive.

Thousands of businesses in Kansas will pay much less for workers’ compensation coverage next year.

Kai Ryssdal calls it "host on a rope." The Marketplace host visited Wichita for an interview with Charles Koch this week and broadcast Marketplace from the KMUW studios Tuesday afternoon. Wichita was one of many recent stops but Kai hopes to visit again to see our new studios in Old Town next year.

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Textron Aviation

The Department of Commerce and Textron Aviation have reached an agreement that will support hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in new product development and production in Wichita.

The company plans to build its next business jet, the Citation Longitude, at the Textron Aviation facilities in Wichita. The agreement will also support Textron Aviation’s future product development of turboprop aircraft and the new interior manufacturing facility in Wichita.

Forbes Magazine has jointly named Wichita brothers Charles and David Koch the fifth-richest Americans. The list puts their wealth at $41 billion each.

The Koch brothers came in behind Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. The list was released last month and will be featured in a print version of Forbes Magazine Oct. 19.

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Cargill plans to invest more than $50 million to upgrade and increase the capacity of its soybean processing plant in Wichita. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson reports the project is expected to be completed in 2017.

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The corn harvest in Kansas is ahead of schedule, according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Across Kansas, 42 percent of corn has already been harvested—way ahead of the 34 percent posted this time last year. The corn is currently rated at 3 percent very poor, 9 poor, 31 fair, 47 good, and 10 excellent.

But estimates released this month say total yields will about two percent less than last year.

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A quarterly report spanning April to June of this year shows that Intrust Bank Arena earned $297,794 less than what it spent on operations.

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This piece originally aired Aug. 12, 2015, during All Things Considered.

A new convenience store and Valero gas station is set to open soon near the canal route in northeast Wichita.

The economically challenged neighborhood has been without these services for over a decade. The owner plans to create about 20 new jobs.