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Kansas political watchers have been buzzing with talk of state officials possibly moving into the administration of president-elect Donald Trump.

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo has already been selected to head the CIA. There’s also been talk of possible jobs for Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Governor Sam Brownback and others.

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If Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo is confirmed to the post of CIA director in the Trump administration, it will leave his House seat vacant.

Pompeo was recently re-elected to a fourth term in Congress. He beat out three challengers in the general election--Democrat Dan Giroux, independent Miranda Allen and Libertarian Gordon Bakken--and received 61 percent of the vote.

If the 4th Congressional District seat is vacated, it will be filled by a special election, explains Bryan Caskey, elections director with the Kansas secretary of state’s office.



Kansas was the birthplace of Prohibition and an epicenter of the anti-abortion movement.

Historian and political analyst Thomas Frank -- a Mission Hills, Kansas, native -- wrote a whole book, What's the Matter With Kansas, about how politics in the state has been fueled by conservative social ideals. But last Tuesday, Kansas went for Donald Trump, at the same time it voted in a more moderate Legislature.

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Secretary of State Kris Kobach pushed for tighter voting laws in Kansas aimed at preventing voter fraud. He also was an early supporter of Donald Trump and has advised the campaign. KPR’s Stephen Koranda reports on what the Trump election could mean for voting laws like the ones in Kansas.

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The Kansas GOP chairman says the party is already looking ahead to next year's races, including for school boards and city councils.

At a "victory party" in Wichita, Kelly Arnold said voters responded well to the Republican message all the way down the ballot this election. Several Sedgwick County Republican incumbents held their seats in the Legislature, including District 85 Rep. Chuck Weber, District 16 Sen. Ty Masterson and Senate President Susan Wagle.

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The Kansas Legislature will remain dominated by Republicans next year, but there will be an ideological shift away from the current conservative majority.

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says he’s serving on the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump, but Kobach says he’s not angling for a job in the Trump administration.

Right now, Kobach says his focus is helping Trump’s team develop immigration policy proposals.

“Trying to put together a to-do list for the Trump team when they take office in January. The first 100 days, what’s going to get done, what are the top priorities, what are the orders that things should occur,” Kobach says.

Kobach says he is open to the idea of working for Trump.


The unpredictable presidential election is over, and now the new commander in chief faces the difficult task of unifying the nation.

KMUW’s Deborah Shaar has reaction from one analyst who’s been watching the presidential race closely.

Wichita State University Professor and Political Analyst Jeff Jarman says the 45th president will inherit an anxious nation when assuming office in January.

He says president-elect Donald Trump will need to bring people together and make people feel like the country is moving forward.


After roughly a million dollars in TV and radio ads plus a blizzard of postcards, the Kansas Supreme Court didn't change one bit with Tuesday's elections.

With a majority of precincts reporting, all four of the justices who had been targeted by the Republican Party, Kansans for Life and other conservative groups comfortably won retention.

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Republican Sen. Ty Masterson will hold on to his seat for another term. KMUW’s Nadya Faulx reports on the Senate District 16 race.

Unofficial numbers put incumbent Ty Masterson in the lead with 65 percent of the vote over Democratic candidate Gabriel Costilla.

Masterson is the current chair of the senate Ways and Means Committee. At a watch party for fellow Republican Mike Pompeo, who also won his 4th Congressional District Seat, Masterson said his campaign was working against the political climate in Kansas.