newspaper en Kansas Historical Society Program To Digitize Every Kansas Newspaper Since 1854 <p>The Kansas Historical Society says its Kansas Digital Newspapers program has partnered with to provide online access to several million pages of Kansas newspapers from the Historical Society's collection.</p><p>The initial partnership will focus on Kansas newspapers published 1854 - 1922 and includes almost five million pages.</p><p>The KHS's collection holds nearly every newspaper published in Kansas from 1854 to the present. The digital newspapers program seeks to digitize and share electric versions of Kansas newspapers.</p> Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:47:41 +0000 Associated Press 30202 at Weekly Paper 'F5' Returns To Wichita <p>A new, or not so new, weekly newspaper hits Wichita streets Thursday. <a href="">F5&nbsp;returns</a> after a six year hiatus under the direction of founder Mike Marlett.</p><p>Marlett says he decided to start the paper back up again after constantly hearing from people that missed it.</p><p>“I met some young, successful guys with their own businesses and their own money to invest,” he says. “They had brand loyalty and they wanted it back.</p> Thu, 07 Mar 2013 21:49:57 +0000 Briana O’Higgins 13841 at Weekly Paper 'F5' Returns To Wichita Lecture Covers The History Of Black Newspapers In Kansas <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Dozens took part in a lecture Wednesday on African-American newspapers and communities in Kansas at the Wichita Public Library downtown.</span></p><p>Historian Aleen&nbsp;Ratzlaff, professor of communications at Tabor College in Hillsboro, says Kansas has a rich history of newspapers that were owned and published by African-Americans and targeted to black readers.</p><p>"The emphasis has been on mainstream newspapers, but there were vital publications that were part of the African-American community as well as other ethic communities," he says.</p> Thu, 14 Feb 2013 12:06:09 +0000 Carla Eckels 12721 at Lecture Covers The History Of Black Newspapers In Kansas Top Morning News 2.14.13 <p><em>Legislators move forward on school funding amendment; Historian gives lecture on Kansas Black newspapers; Historic site offers travel scholarships to teachers.</em></p><p><strong>Work Starts On School Funding Change</strong></p><p>A Senate committee started working on a constitutional amendment to block lawsuits over school funding. The proposal would alter the Kansas Constitution to say only the Legislature can set school spending levels.</p><p><a href="">More...</a></p> Thu, 14 Feb 2013 11:33:54 +0000 Briana O’Higgins & Kate Clause 12724 at Top Morning News 2.14.13