Moody's en Report: Kansas Needs To Make More Spending Cuts To Offset Tax Cuts <p>Moody’s Investors Service says Kansas will need to make more spending cuts to offset tax cuts that have sharply reduced state revenues.</p><p>Moody's downgraded Kansas bonds last month on the same day the state announced April revenue collections fell $93 million below estimates. Moody’s says most of the state’s revenue shortfall was because less money was collected in individual income taxes.</p> Wed, 14 May 2014 17:36:38 +0000 Associated Press 34428 at State Officials Say Kansas Credit Strong Despite Recent Downgrade <p>State administration officials say they're confident that Kansas will retain a strong credit rating, despite a recent downgrade on bonds and concerns about the effect of state income tax cuts.</p> Mon, 15 Jul 2013 12:10:20 +0000 Associated Press 20396 at