candy en Candy Giant Mars Opens First North American Plant In 35 Years In Topeka <p>Mars Incorporated is throwing a grand opening on Thursday for its new $270 million dollar plant near Topeka that will produce millions of chocolate bars and other sweets every day.</p><p>Company officials say the plant exists mostly to meet U.S. demand for its&nbsp; M&amp;M's- and Snickers-brand candy. It's the first new Mars plant in North America in 35 years.</p><p>The plant will have the capacity to produce 14 million bite-sized Snickers bars and 39 million M&amp;M's each day.</p><p>The plant is bringing about 200 jobs to the Topeka area.</p> Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:50:39 +0000 Associated Press 32105 at Nifty Nut House <p style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">I was one of those kids whose craving for candy was so intense that I would search not only my own couch cushions for loose change to buy it, but the couches of waiting rooms, neighbors&rsquo; houses, and church as well.</p> Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:00:00 +0000 Tanya Tandoc 1247 at Nifty Nut House