century plant http://kmuw.org en Wichita State's Century Plant Now In Mid-Bloom http://kmuw.org/post/wichita-states-century-plant-now-mid-bloom <p>The 26-year-old agave plant on Wichita State’s campus that we <a href="http://kmuw.org/post/30-year-old-plant-wakes-wichita">reported on previously&nbsp; </a>is now in mid-bloom.</p><p>Campus floral supervisor Kari Ossman has kept a close eye on the plant and considers the plant’s blooming a real education.</p><p>“The next phase will be to watch it bloom, to measure it, and to kind of watch it after it blooms to see if the plant really does die,” she said.</p><p>Century plants typically die after blooming, and Ossman looks forward to seeing the process.</p> Tue, 27 Aug 2013 19:48:01 +0000 Nicollette Engels 22537 at http://kmuw.org Wichita State's Century Plant Now In Mid-Bloom