cyberattack en Audit Shows Flaws In The Security Of Kansas Computers Systems <p>Auditors say a lack of accountability by some Kansas agencies that handle sensitive information could make citizens’ personal information vulnerable.</p><p>An audit released this week says some agencies aren't complying with requirements to provide detailed information technology plans because they see them as time consuming and of little value. Auditors say they found little state oversight of the required reports.</p><p>The audit found that 17 of the 45 agencies that hold data considered “high risk” had not had an independent evaluation of their security in the last three years.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:36:11 +0000 Associated Press 37918 at Kansas Board Of Education Votes Not To Release Test Scores <p>The Kansas State Board of Education has voted not to release scores from a new standardized test. The computerized math and reading test for public school students was plagued with problems. As Stephen Koranda reports, glitches and cyberattacks disrupted testing for many students, so the results may not be valid.</p><p></p><p>The test was developed by the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation at the University of Kansas, known as CETE. Board member John Bacon, from Olathe, says taxpayers need to know they’re getting their money’s worth.</p> Wed, 09 Jul 2014 17:44:43 +0000 Stephen Koranda 37186 at Amid Testing Problems, KBOE Debates Release Of State Assessment Scores <p>Kansas State Board of Education members face a decision about how much data to release from statewide math and reading tests after public schools faced problems administering the exams.</p><p>The board’s discussion today is a response to cyberattacks and glitches in the computerized testing system earlier this year.</p><p>The Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation at the University of Kansas told the board last month that it should not release data for individual schools and districts. The biggest problems occurred with testing from March 10 to April 10.</p> Tue, 08 Jul 2014 17:24:20 +0000 Associated Press 37121 at State Math And Reading Assessments Slowed Down By A Series Of Cyber Attacks <p>Kansas schools already struggling to administer math and reading assessment tests have another problem now.</p><p>State education officials say unknown people launched cyber attacks against the tests.</p><p>The attackers slowed down or disabled networks used to administer the tests by overwhelming them with traffic, rather than hacking into them.</p><p>The attacks started Thursday and briefly stopped on Sunday.</p><p>Testing ran smoothly on Monday but the cyber attacks resumed on Tuesday.</p> Wed, 02 Apr 2014 17:26:03 +0000 Associated Press 32411 at Wisconsin Man Receives $183,000 Fine For Taking Koch Website Down For 15 Min. <p>A Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyberattack on Koch Industries was sentenced Monday to two years' probation... and ordered to pay $183,000 in restitution.</p><p>Eric Rosol of Black Creek, Wis., was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court for taking part in the cyber-attack on Koch Industries.</p><p>He pleaded guilty earlier to a misdemeanor count of accessing a protected computer.</p><p>The parties agreed that the direct loss from the attack was less than $5,000.</p> Tue, 03 Dec 2013 14:19:14 +0000 Associated Press 27091 at Wisconsin Truck Driver Sentenced For Attack On Koch Website <p>The Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyberattack on Wichita's Koch Industries will be sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Wichita.</p><p>Eric Rosol is charged with misdemeanor count of accessing a protected computer.</p><p>Prosecutors agreed in Rosol's plea deal to recommend a sentence at the low end of federal guidelines.</p><p>Koch's website was offline for about 15 minutes on the day of the attack in 2011.</p><p>The attack was organized by the hacking group Anonymous.</p><p>The parties agreed the direct loss to Koch was less than $5,000.</p> Mon, 02 Dec 2013 14:31:27 +0000 Associated Press 27036 at Agent Hacker Group Of Turkey Takes Credit For Hacking City Of Wichita's Website <p>A Turkish group calling itself the Agent Hacker Group has taken credit for <a href="">hacking one of the City of Wichita&#39;s websites</a>.</p> Thu, 10 Oct 2013 14:25:14 +0000 Kate Clause 24667 at Agent Hacker Group Of Turkey Takes Credit For Hacking City Of Wichita's Website Accused Koch Cyberattacker Back In Court <p>Thirty-seven-year-old Eric J. Rosol of Wisconsin is due back in federal court Wednesday.<br><br>Rosol is accused of joining a cyberattack on Koch Industries in Wichita.<br><br>Prosecutors allege that, back in February of 2011, the hacking group Anonymous asked conspirators to use a tool that could send a high volume of repeated requests to several Koch Industries websites.<br><br>Many people complied, and the company's main website crashed.<br><br>Rosol was indicted in March on one count each of damaging a computer and conspiracy to damage a computer.<br> Wed, 11 Sep 2013 12:15:37 +0000 Associated Press 23258 at