Kansas hospitals http://kmuw.org en Kansas Hospitals Getting Better At Preventing Infections http://kmuw.org/post/kansas-hospitals-getting-better-preventing-infections <p>The first-ever statewide report on infections occurring in Kansas hospitals shows progress against two specific types of infections.</p><p>Hand-washing is one of the most important precautions to keep from spreading germs to susceptible patients. Hospitals are also trying to use urinary catheters only when there&rsquo;s no other option. They&rsquo;re also reducing the use of central lines&mdash;IV ports that go into a large blood vessel.</p><p>The results from 2011 show that Kansas is well below national averages for usage of those devices, and for the infections that result.</p> Fri, 27 Sep 2013 12:27:10 +0000 Bryan Thompson 24052 at http://kmuw.org