Kansas City http://kmuw.org en Kansas Has No Plans To End Interstate Business Incentives Policy http://kmuw.org/post/kansas-has-no-plans-end-interstate-business-incentives-policy <p>Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George says the state has no plans to follow Missouri’s offer of a truce over the fierce competition for businesses in the Kansas City area, though he says he’s willing to talk.</p><p>Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a bill Tuesday that would prohibit Missouri from offering incentives to businesses that relocate from one of four Kansas counties to any of four Missouri counties in the Kansas City area.</p><p>Kansas needs to take similar steps for Missouri’s bill to take effect, and that is far from certain.</p> Wed, 02 Jul 2014 16:37:39 +0000 Associated Press 36847 at http://kmuw.org Could The 2016 Republican National Convention Be Held In KC? http://kmuw.org/post/could-2016-republican-national-convention-be-held-kc <p>Kansas City is competing to be the site of the 2016 Republican National Convention.</p><p>The Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association says it's received its bid package from the Republican National Committee.</p><p>Officials from both Kansas and Missouri are still working out what the GOP will want from the host city as far as the number of hotel rooms and transportation requirements.</p><p>Several other cities, including Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Cleveland and Detroit also have expressed interest in hosting the 2016 event.</p> Fri, 29 Nov 2013 16:10:57 +0000 Associated Press 26949 at http://kmuw.org