Justice Department http://kmuw.org en Justice Department Plans To Appeal Kansas Abortion Threat Case http://kmuw.org/post/justice-department-plans-appeal-kansas-abortion-threat-case <p>The U.S. Justice Department is challenging a ruling that an abortion opponent&#39;s letter saying someone might place an explosive under a Wichita doctor&#39;s car is constitutionally protected speech.<br /><br />The Justice Department&#39;s Civil Rights Division filed a brief notice Thursday, saying it will appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals a federal judge&#39;s summary decision that Angel Dillard&#39;s letter was not a &quot;true threat&quot; under the law.<br /><br />The Justice Department sued Dillard in 2011 under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.<br /> Fri, 11 Oct 2013 11:58:36 +0000 Associated Press 24720 at http://kmuw.org Justice Department Opposes Hawker Bonus Plan http://kmuw.org/post/justice-department-opposes-hawker-bonus-plan <p>The Justice Department&rsquo;s bankruptcy watchdog agency opposes a move by Hawker Beechcraft to pay eight senior executives more than $5.3 million in bonuses.</p> Tue, 24 Jul 2012 19:29:08 +0000 The Associated Press & Frank Dudgeon 2881 at http://kmuw.org