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The news that more than 70 children are missing from the Kansas foster care system is the latest in a string of concerns for lawmakers and child welfare advocates.

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Kansas lawmakers considered tighter rules on payday lending during a committee meeting Wednesday, but they ultimately decided not to recommend more regulations for the short-term loans.

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Kansas’ plans to migrate driver’s license records for about 2 million people from an aged mainframe to new information technology infrastructure remain troubled, a new report indicates.

Some portions of the already-delayed KanLicense project have been further postponed, a team of legislative auditors wrote in the report, with plans to carry them out after the project’s go-live date in early January.

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The city of Newton, Kansas, sits on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief route, which runs from L.A. to Chicago. Now, with city and state leaders pushing for the expansion of a passenger rail route north from Oklahoma, Newton could become a regional hub.

The first phase of an interactive sculpture art park is about to get started in west Wichita. The park will be located in a 20-acre meadow inside Sedgwick County Park near the 13th Street entrance.

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The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a Kansas law prohibiting state contractors from participating in boycotts against Israel.

The ACLU filed the lawsuit Wednesday for a Wichita public school curriculum coach. It says Esther Koontz was denied a state teacher training contract because she wouldn't sign a statement saying she wasn't boycotting Israel.

The lawsuit says Koontz is boycotting Israeli products because of Israel's treatment of Palestinians and that the Kansas law violates her free speech rights.

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Seventy-four children are missing from Kansas’ privatized foster care system.

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Wichita hasn’t had a passenger rail service since 1979. Area leaders will give a presentation on Wednesday on the effort to re-establish passenger rail service to the area. It’s part of a three-day Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Conference - or MIPRC - that's taking place in Old Town.

Wichita City Council Member Pete Meitzner and Newton Mayor Barth Hague will present a history and status report of ongoing efforts to re-establish passenger rail service to Wichita. Meitzner says the passenger rail organization recognizes the value of the existing routes and of expanding service.

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Wichita City Council took the first steps today toward creating a new citizen's board to review complaints about the police department, approving the first reading of the ordinance.

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The City of Wichita plans to renovate all of its public housing units beginning next summer.