12:37 pm
Thu May 17, 2012

Ceremony Honors Fallen Officers

A ceremony honoring fallen law enforcement officers of Sedgwick County will take place noon Friday in the City Council Chambers of City Hall in downtown Wichita.

Twenty-nine officers have fallen in the line of duty since 1871, including 19 Wichita police officers, eight Sedgwick County Sheriff’s deputies and one officer each from Derby and Clearwater.

For the first time in more than 14 years, more deaths occurred by gunshot in 2011 than traffic accidents.

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10:00 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Reward Offered In 2011 Mosque Arson

The FBI and the Wichita Fire Department announced Wednesday the ATF will offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for fire at the Islamic Association of Mid-Kansas.

The fire was reported around 12:45PM on October 31, 2011 and caused approximately $150,000 in damage. No injuries were reported.

The ongoing criminal investigation is being conducted by ATF, FBI and the Wichita Fire Department. 

7:20 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Art Review: Keeper of the Plains

The Keeper of the Plains is a monumental sculpture that marks the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers.

The Keeper of the Plains is a monumental sculpture that marks the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers. Rising 44 feet in the air, this Cor-Ten steel sculpture of a Native American chief is a popular site for Wichita visitors and residents alike. The proud figure stands tall with his back arched, offering something invisible to the sky with his upturned palms. The crisp lines of the stylized figure give it striking silhouette. But the large headdress and waving fringe gives the figure movement and life.

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12:40 pm
Fri May 11, 2012

WSU Engineering Class Finds Connection to Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation

When a group of students requested to work with the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation, Engineering educator John Harrison decided to charge the students in his electrical engineering and computer science design class with creating a project that would benefit a physically or mentally challenged individual.

“And they went ahead and met with the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation and, and they got really really excited,” Harrison said. “From watching them work with CPRF I thought wow, this is really inspiring. They have a really clear purpose to their project.”

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5:00 am
Fri May 11, 2012

Richard Crowson: It's Time To Pay Attention

Maybe you’re one of the many Kansans who don’t pay an awful lot of attention to the Legislature. We have busy lives, and the idea of wading through news stories about political intrigue in Topeka can make the eyes glaze over and the prospect of rearranging one’s sock drawer sound suddenly appealing.

But while many of us were preoccupied with the necessary duties of running our households, driving the kids around, and gulping down coffee on the way to work each morning, a tireless effort to upend your life has been winning the day in our state’s capitol.

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12:44 pm
Thu May 10, 2012

Girls Learn About Running, Life

Eighty three girls who have been training for 10 weeks will run a 5K Saturday morning, which will begin at the Boathouse in downtown Wichita.

The runners have been part of a program sponsored by the non-profit Girls On The Run of Sedgwick County, which came to Wichita last February and does more for these girls than just teach them how to race.

Incorporated into the training routines are lessons to help young girls deal with real world, difficult situations like bullying.

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8:00 am
Tue May 8, 2012

Into It: Pop-Tarts

Kellogg’s rushed Pop-Tarts onto the market in 1964, shortly after their competitor announcement a similar toaster snack release called Country Squares. Since then, the evolution of the Pop-Tart has been long and strange.

Pop-Tarts began simply, with a handful of flavors. Though they come wrapped in tinfoil and ready-to-eat, they’ve always been closely tied to the toaster. Pop-Tart’s first mascot was an animated toaster named Milton.

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12:51 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

Sen. Moran Says Entrepreneur Spirit Will Bring Jobs To Kansas

United States Senator Jerry Moran toured the Advanced Networking Research Institute on the Wichita State campus Friday and spoke to research students about the importance of their work.

Senator Moran says he recognizes the value entrepreneurs bring to communities such as Wichita and wants to see that spirit grow the economy to create more jobs.

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9:15 am
Mon May 7, 2012

Book Review: Sacre Bleu

When an author goes on a book tour, he might fall into a routine that sounds something like this:
• Fly into a city.
• Go from airport to hotel.
• Go from hotel to bookstore.
• Read from your book.
• Return to hotel.
• Fly out in the morning.

When Christopher Moore goes on book tour, he adds one more step.
• Spend some time at the local art museum.

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