8:54 am
Mon November 25, 2013

Oversight Committee Hears Status Update On Medicaid Changes, State Insurance Exchange

A legislative oversight committee is meeting on Monday to hear a status report on changes made to the state's Medicaid program.

The state contracted with three private managed-care organizations earlier this year; they administer Medicaid programs for the poor, elderly, and disabled.

The Joint Committee on Home and Community Based Services and KanCare Oversight will hear from groups that represent developmentally disabled and community-based service providers.

1:39 pm
Fri November 22, 2013

Crowson Cartoon: No Turkey Pardons This Year

9:59 am
Fri November 22, 2013

Study: Problems With Canceled Health Insurance Plans 'Blown Out Of Proportion'

A new analysis says the problem of people facing higher costs due to cancellations of their individual health insurance plans have been blown out of proportion. Only six tenths of a percent of Kansans with individual policies are at risk of this situation.

That amounts to fewer than 900 people in Kansas, and about 1.5 million nationwide. The analysis is by the health consumer group, Families USA, which has been a steadfast supporter of the Affordable Care Act.

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9:10 am
Fri November 22, 2013

KCC Approves Rate Increase For Westar Energy Customers

Kansas Corporation Commission approved a customer rate increase for Westar Energy customers Thursday, saying it was due to increased costs from EPA regulations.

Westar's application requested a $31.7 million dollar revenue increase.

Residential customers with an average monthly consumption of 900 kilowatt hours of electricity will see an average monthly increase of $3.00.

The new rates go into effect on December 1, 2013.

The increase is due to the actual capital improvement costs Westar incurred while meeting EPA regulations at its La Cygne power plant.

8:37 am
Fri November 22, 2013

More Groups Want To Join Opposition Against Kansas Voter Citizenship Law

The national League of Women Voters and the group's Kansas and Arizona chapters want to intervene in a federal lawsuit over proof-of-citizenship laws in the two states.

The groups filed their requests in a federal court case in Kansas on Thursday.

The national advocacy group Common Cause, three Arizona-based Hispanic-rights groups, and an Arizona political consultant also filed requests to intervene.

Kansas and Arizona and Secretaries of State Kris Kobach and Ken Bennett filed the lawsuit in August.

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6:28 am
Fri November 22, 2013

KMUW Listeners Remember the Day JFK Was Killed

Photo portrait of John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
Credit / White House Press Office

Recently, we asked you to share your memories of the day President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, on this day in 1963.  Here are some of the stories you shared.

1) Barbara Chamberlin, from Wichita, was in the 8th grade:

It seemed so personal. Because he was such a wonderful President, an incredible human being.

2) Grant Overstake, from Wichita, was in the 1st grade:

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5:00 am
Fri November 22, 2013

Richard Crowson: Thankful For A Leafy Gutter

Credit MTSOfan / Flickr / Creative Commons

On the stark, bare, claw-like limbs of the large locust tree above, a handful of crows had congregated. The sky beyond them could have come right out of a watercolor painting by Andrew Wyeth – the fading charcoal grays of a cloudy, mid-November day, right at dusk.

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National Memorials
5:44 pm
Thu November 21, 2013

Arts Group Concerned Over National Eisenhower Memorial

A powerful arts panel that must approve designs for memorials in the nation's capital is again objecting to plans for a memorial honoring President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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12:30 pm
Thu November 21, 2013

Your Move: The Future of Sharing

The PlayStation 4's controller and Share button
Credit Samuel McConnell / KMUW

I got my PlayStation 4 this week, and I’ve spent a lot of time with a few of its new features.

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Crime and Courts
9:53 am
Thu November 21, 2013

McConnell Sergeant's Appeal Could Affect HIV Testing And Prosecution In The Military

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces will hear arguments next month in the appeal of Kansas Airman David Gutierrez.

Gutierrez has been convicted of assault for exposing multiple sex partners to HIV at swinger parties in Wichita.

In 2011, when he was sentenced to eight years in prison and stripped of his rank for aggravated assault, he'd been serving as a sergeant at McConnell Air Force Base.

The court will now consider whether the evidence supports his adultery conviction, since his wife participated in a swinger's lifestyle with him.