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The parents of a Marine who died in a helicopter crash in Nepal spoke with reporters in Wichita on Friday. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur has more…


For three days, Ron Norgren and his wife Theresa waited for an update about the missing helicopter their son Chris was aboard. U.S. officials have now confirmed that the helicopter crashed in eastern Nepal while conducting a relief mission.

Ron Norgren says he last talked to his son on Mother’s Day.

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Union Pacific says it plans to spend about $120 million this year in Kansas to improve the state's rail infrastructure.

The company announced in a news release Tuesday that it will spend almost $110 million to maintain railroad track. Other expenditures include $2.2 million to improve its signal systems and $7.5 million to maintain or replace bridges in the state.

May 15/17

Crossroads highlights more music from May featured artist Stevie Wonder along with songs he wrote for the Marvelettes and Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – plus music from recent Blues Music Award Winners Ruthie Foster and Charlie Musselwhite; new music from the Igor Prado Band and Linsey Alexander; a classic from Al Green; and music from blues acts with concerts in the coming week, including artists appearing at this year’s Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival.

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Scott Wadle, Project Manager for Wichita Bicycle Master Plan, talks about exciting projects in Wichita.

In this audio piece, Scott Wadle talks about new bicycle parking in the Delano District:


Here he talks more about Wichita's 10-year plan for bicycling in Wichita and explains how you can read it online.


And in this final audio clip, Wadle explains how bike projects are selected and funded.


Lamphouse Photo Co.

Some of my most treasured photographs come from two local photo booths: Lamphouse Photo Co. and Linnebur & Miller. These are two distinctly different operations, but both provide unconventional experiences for truly remarkable photographs.

Some Kansas cellular customers will be getting refunds from their cell phone carriers. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc reports...

The practice is called "mobile cramming" and it includes allowing third party text messaging. These services generally range from one-time fees, costing $0.99 -$5, to subscriptions, which cost up to $14-a-month.

Mobile service company Verizon will provide $70 million in refunds to customers who were charged for services they did not authorize. Sprint is expected to pay out $50 million to its customers.

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After a grim start to Spring and a fear of prolonged drought, recent rainfall has helped boost winter wheat crops throughout Kansas, according to a report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The report indicates that Kansas should yield about 272 million bushels of winter wheat, up about 9 percent from last year. 

Jim Shroyer is a wheat specialist with the Kansas State Extension Office. He says harvest is still about three weeks out, but farmers are hoping for minimal rainfall when the time comes.

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Kansas Senator Jeff Longbine says time is running out for ride-hailing company Uber to come to a compromise with the Legislature over regulations.

Republican Sen. Longbine from Emporia said Monday that he and representatives from the insurance and banking sectors continue to negotiate with Uber after it announced May 5 it was leaving the state.

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State lawmakers have agreed to move local elections to the fall in odd-numbered years.

Representatives from the Senate and House came to a compromise on Monday, after each chamber passed different versions of the same elections reform bill earlier in the session.

Republican Representative Mark Kahrs of Wichita says the move would boost turnout to between 30 percent and 40 percent - more than double the turnout in most recent local elections.

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A Kansas House committee has voted to undo part of the tax cuts that Governor Sam Brownback pushed.

The committee voted to reinstate some business income taxes, which were completely eliminated by the 2012 tax cut.

The bill would raise nearly $134 million during the next fiscal year.

The state would impose a 2.7 percent tax on most of the business owners' and farmers' profits, but income from rents and royalties would be taxed at 4.6 percent - mirroring the two income tax rates on wages.