Aileen LeBlanc

News Director

Aileen LeBlanc is a journalist, producer and director whose work in television, film and public radio has earned more than 60 regional and national awards.

She is producer/director of the documentaries Dayton Codebreakers (nominated for 3 regional Emmys) and Who’s Minding the Planet? (nominated for a Regional Emmy). Her latest film, Take Us Home, about Ethiopian Jews, is now in the festival circuit and has won the World Cinema Documentary Film Editing Award from the Amsterdam Film Festival and Award of Merit from the Lucerne International Film Festival. The film has screened at the Pan African Film Festival and the Studio City Festival in LA and the Sheba Festival in New York. Other official selections include Denver, Philadelphia, Louisville, Palm Beach and Detroit.

LeBlanc’s work on other films includes the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Last Truck” and the Emmy-winning “Lion in the House.”

LeBlanc’s career in journalism includes two news director positions at WYSO and WHQR. Her national work has been featured on NPR, Voice of America, BBC, Monitor Radio, Pacifica and the CBC.

She was honored by the Dayton League of Women Voters with a “Making Democracy Work Award.” She was given the first place prize in documentary from Public Radio News Directors Inc. for a piece on loving and caring for a partner with Alzheimer's.

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The Kansas Corporation Commission filed a complaint against Westar Energy at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Wednesday. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc reports.

According to a press release sent out by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), the complaint contends Westar is charging unjust and unreasonable electric transmission rates. If the complaint is granted, Westar’s current rates could be reduced by approximately $15.8 million annually. Based on anticipated utility growth, this figure is expected to approximately double over the next five years.

Officials are investigating a large fish kill at a Great Bend lake. Thousands of dead fish have been reported at Veterans Memorial Lake.

Terry Hoff, acting Director of Public Lands for Great Bend, says that most of the fish killed in the lake have been minnows, carp and bass.

Hoff says the city has contacted the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to determine the cause.

A report from the US Geological Survey shows that Wichita's water supply will be infiltrated with chloride contamination in as little as ten years unless action is taken.

The USGS partnered with the city of Wichita to do a study as part of the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project.

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2014 Primary Race Results -Unofficial (results will not be official until the state canvass)

Scroll down for a table showing results by county in our listening area.

U.S. Senate

Democratic Primary (100% precincts reporting)

  • Chad Taylor - 53% (34,390 votes)
  • Patrick Wiesner - 47% (30,557  votes)

Republican Primary (100% precincts reporting)

AP Photo/ Mike Hutmacher, Pool.

Update: August 8, 2014, 3:00 p.m.

Attorney General Derick Schmidt will ask the Kansas Supreme Court to reinstate death sentences for the Carr Brothers of Wichita. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc reports...

Jonathan and Reginald Carr were convicted of four capital murder charges each and given death sentences for crimes they committed in December of 2000. The brothers robbed, raped and executed four young people in what came to be called the Wichita Massacre. They were sentenced in 2002.

(AP Photo/Dave Williams, Pool)


The selection process of Kansas Supreme Court justices is likely to come under scrutiny after last week’s decision. The court overturned death sentences in the Wichita Carr Brothers case.

Last Friday the Kansas Supreme Court overturned three of the four capital sentences each for Jonathan and Reginald Carr. The brothers were convicted in 2002 of four gruesome murders committed in Wichita December of 2000. The death sentences were sought for reasons which include the facts that the murders were multiple and that the killings involved sex crimes.  

A petition to remove fluoride from Salina’s water supply was submitted on Monday to the city clerk.

A grassroots organization called Salina Cares delivered the petition and its 2041 signatures to city clerk Shandi Wicks on July 21st.

The petition is a request to the city of Salina to remove fluoride from the city’s public water supply.

The group intends to put the issue up for a vote in the November elections.

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He Worked on MASH

“It was fun to see the cast at the commissary at lunch time. And it was fun to stay on the sound stage and the see the woman who was the stand in for Hot Lips. She was probably thirty years older than the actress who played Hot Lips, and she didn’t look anything like her. But she had the same skin tone and same color hair, same height.”

Aileen LeBlanc

Wynn Ponder – Creative Director/ Cinematographer

“The original assignment on this was from the Wichita Art Museum to do a color party, this year’s theme is midnight. The assignment is to create something that communicates the passage of time with midnight being the central theme. They want it to feel uncomfortable, the malleability of time, they wanted to show motif and repetition and they wanted us to create something that involved the viewer very much.“

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South Pacific is a story about the American military occupation of a pacific island during WWII. It is a love story and a story about prejudice. But must of all it is an enduring musical. The show produced by Music Theatre Wichita opens on Wednesday, June 11  at Century II. KMUW’s Aileen LeBlanc attended a rehearsal . . .

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