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Jedd Beaudoin is an award-winning writer and broadcaster who has been with KMUW since 2007. He is the host and producer of Strange Currency, a two-hour music show, which airs Monday-Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m. He is also the producer of the bi-weekly trends commentary “A Musical Life,” as well as “Musical Space.” He received his MFA in creative writing (fiction) from Wichita State University in 2001 (where he was a Creative Writing Fellow) and holds a B.A. in English (with an emphasis in writing) from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Beaudoin hosts Wichita Sessions on KPTS Channel 8. The show, which features local and regional music acts in performance, is now in its third season. Since 1999 he has worked as a freelance journalist. He served as music critic and editor for two Wichita alternative newspapers, F5 (2003-06) and Wichita City Paper (of which he was also managing editor, 2006-07). He currently contributes music, film, and book reviews to, where he also pens (alternating with two other writers) commentary on country music for the site’s “Kickin’ Up Dust” column.

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Tuesday, August 23

Rebecca Meek

Like many people, Jon Regen has spent much of 2016 watching and reading the news. With accounts of violence, terrorist attacks and an increasingly divisive political climate filling his mind, the New York City-based musician sat down at his piano and began putting turning his observations about the state of the world into song.

Sebastian Boswell

This week's A Musical Life features Gina Gouchenour, a music teacher at College Hill Elementary School and member of the Wichita Chamber Chorale and the Ad Astra Singers.

"My name is Gina Gouchenour and I am the music teacher at College Hill elementary school, and I teach K through 5 music. I also am a singer in various choirs around town including the Wichita Chamber Chorale, the Ad Astra singers. 

David McLister

Many artists begin their careers without support from their family.

But songwriter Lucinda Williams says her father was especially encouraging of her musical career. She's even found a way to remember him in her songs.

The Ghosts of Highway 20 is the latest release from the acclaimed singer-songwriter. In many ways, the record follows her early life. Her family moved frequently in her formative years, touching down in many of the towns and cities along Highway 20. The family eventually settled in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where her father had landed a teaching job.

Rob Fenn

Despite an upbeat pop sound, the band The Boxmasters deals with lyrical themes ranging from paranoia to broken hearts. KMUW's Jedd Beaudoin recently spoke with the band and has more.

Los Angeles-based band The Boxmasters recently released the album Boys and Girls…and The World. A quick listen reveals music that’s reminiscent of ‘60s pop acts such as The Beatles and The Byrds. It’s also filled with classic pop hooks. Spend a few seconds listening to a Boxmasters song and you’ll probably walk away humming the chorus.

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Rae Meadows’ new novel I Will Send Rain follows a family struggling for survival during the Dust Bowl. Meadows spoke with KMUW via phone at the start of her current tour to promote the book.

What was the genesis of this novel?

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Tuesday, August 16

Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel is the latest release from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Featuring many of the soulful sounds that made Robinson’s previous band, the Black Crowes, memorable, CRB adds flourishes of psychedelic music and the sounds of late 1970s FM radio. Listen for music from that recording as well as songs from the latest by Carsie Blanton, So Ferocious

Wednesday, August 17

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In 2015 Kansas City’s The Rainmakers released Cover Band, a collection of songs written and originally recorded by other artists. That might have been a surprising move given that the group boasts one of the region’s most acclaimed songwriters, Bob Walkenhorst. But Walkenhorst himself says the record allowed the band to retrace its steps and show fans how it became the band it is today.

Matthew Dover

Lately, the music that Cy Rogers, who performs under the name Cy J. Hamilton, has been writing has been much quieter than the loud, aggressive music he played in bands such as Arms For Hands, Concrete Cleaner and Truck or Dead Horse. The change in musical styles, he says, came down to one simple thing: Being a solo artist is far easier than navigating the complicated schedules of a band.

Alyson Assaf

Les Easterby has recorded and performed with And Academy, The Royal Palestine and The World Palestine. With the last band he has released albums such as Everything Is Subliminal and Let’s See Star B.