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Jedd Beaudoin is an award-winning writer and broadcaster who has been with KMUW since 2007. He is the host and producer of Strange Currency, a two-hour music show, which airs Monday-Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m. He is also the producer of the bi-weekly trends commentary “A Musical Life,” as well as “Musical Space.” He received his MFA in creative writing (fiction) from Wichita State University in 2001 (where he was a Creative Writing Fellow) and holds a B.A. in English (with an emphasis in writing) from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Beaudoin hosts Wichita Sessions on KPTS Channel 8. The show, which features local and regional music acts in performance, is now in its third season. Since 1999 he has worked as a freelance journalist. He served as music critic and editor for two Wichita alternative newspapers, F5 (2003-06) and Wichita City Paper (of which he was also managing editor, 2006-07). He currently contributes music, film, and book reviews to, where he also pens (alternating with two other writers) commentary on country music for the site’s “Kickin’ Up Dust” column.

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Aaron Bowen

Bassist Caleb Drummond plays in a variety of acts in the Wichita are, including Spirit of the Stairs, the Jenny Wood Band, and The Travel Guide. He studied at Friends University and teaches at Damm Music Center.

Kevin Winter

When Aaron Watson released his album The Underdog in early 2015, he believed it was good, but wasn't expecting it to make history. When it arrived in stores and online that year, the album debuted at the top of Billboard's country albums chart, becoming the first independent record to do so.

Its success, Watson says, was due to more than a decade of hard work in the country music scene and plenty of preparation.

This month on the KMUW Movie Club, we talk about our favorite features that have been directed by women, as well as a look back at 2016 in film.

Album Cover Art

Monday, January 2

For more 20 years, Oklahoma City’s Traindodge has been releasing adventurous rock music inspired by a diverse range of sources. The group’s latest release, Time Will Never Know Your Name, emerged at the end of 2016. We’ll hear selections from it as well as from the new EP by Nine Inch Nails, Not The Actual Events.

Tuesday, January 3

Promised Land or Bust is the 2016 album from Moreland and Arbuckle, we’ll hear selections from that recording as well as music from Spain’s Carolina

Kim Garey-Trujillo plays drums with a variety of ensembles and is the house drummer at Roxy’s Downtown.

Any year-end list will have omissions and even a cursory glance at the ones below will reveal a fair share. The local/regional category alone proves problematic because it doesn’t have a slot for singles. Yet, the delightful Wichita father/son duo The Pents offered up a fine 45 this year. Wichita stalwart Tom Page presented a fine vinyl mini-LP titled Landlocked Volume 1 with contributions from False Flag, Alberto and Rosco Del Rio. Sloan Moon issued a new record this year and the band Vehicles is apparently pressing up fresh sounds as these words go live.

Album cover art

Thursday, December 22

Released in 1995, Outside saw David Bowie reunite with producer/collaborator Brian Eno for the first time in over a decade. The conceptually-driven record featured a number of pieces credited to the pair, including “Hallo Spaceboy.” We’ll hear selections from that recording on this episode of the show as well as music from Prince’s soundtrack to the 1989 Tim Burton-directed film Batman.

Friday, December 23

Album cover art

Thursday, December 15

Released just before his death in early 2016, Blackstar was widely received as one of David Bowie’s best albums in more than a decade. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as music from former Bowie guitarist Adrian Belew’s 1997 release Op Zop Too Wah.

Friday, December 16

We’ll celebrate guitarist Aaron Moreland’s birthday with selections from his work with Moreland & Arbuckle as well as music from Tom Page and more.

Saturday, December 17

Gavin Peters

Kendall Newby plays drums and sings with The Comfort Revue, The T**s and Moreland & Arbuckle. Here, he discusses the power of becoming a paid musician and the importance of being versatile. 

Album Cover Art

Wednesday, December 7

We celebrate the birthday of musician Tom Waits with selections from throughout his career as well covers of some of his best-known songs from Bill Frisell and Petra Haden, John Hammond and others. 

Thursday, December 8