Jim McLean

Contributing Reporter

Jim McLean, Executive Editor of KHI News Service, oversees the KHI News Service. From 2005 until 2013, McLean coordinated all communications activities at KHI as Vice President for Public Affairs. The position he now occupies was created as part of a strategic initiative to solidify the editorial and operational independence of the KHI News Service. Prior to coming to KHI, McLean had a distinguished career as a journalist, serving as the news director and Statehouse bureau chief for Kansas Public Radio and a managing editor for the Topeka Capital-Journal. During his more than 20 years in Kansas journalism, McLean won numerous awards for journalistic excellence from the Kansas Press Association, regional chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. In 1997, McLean and two Capital-Journal colleagues received the Burton W. Marvin News Enterprise Award from the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism for a series of stories on the state’s business climate. McLean holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Washburn University.


State tax collections generated $23 million less than expected in the month of October. As Jim McLean reports, the revenue shortfall makes it more likely that the governor and lawmakers will be forced to consider spending cuts when the legislative session begins in January.


The election is now less than a month away, and one of the statewide races in Kansas that isn’t commanding a lot of attention is the contest for insurance commissioner. But as Jim McLean reports, the continuing controversy over the Affordable Care Act has increased the stakes in the race.

The Kansas Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that Democrat Chad Taylor can withdraw from the U.S Senate race and remove his name from the ballot for the election this November.

However, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach is insisting that Democrats quickly name a replacement candidate.

Jim McLean reports...

In light of the upset, the U.S. Justice Department has agreed to allow Kansas a week's delay in mailing ballots to military overseas.

Two groups have received new federal grants to help Kansans sign up for health insurance in the Affordable Care Act online health insurance Marketplace.

Jim McLean reports the next open enrollment period starts in November.

Kansas' privatization of Medicaid appears to producing an unintended consequence.

It has complicated Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt's efforts to investigate and prosecute Medicaid fraud.

Jim McLean reports...

The agency that oversees programs for seniors and Kansans with disabilities no longer has interim leadership.

Kari Bruffett was confirmed Thursday as secretary of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. Jim McClean has more...

January of 2013, Kansas turned the management of its $3 billion Medicaid program over to three big, for-profit companies and renamed it KanCare.

At the time, Governor Sam Brownback said privatizing Medicaid would both reduce costs and improve the care provided to low-income, disabled and elderly Kansans. But as Jim McLean of the KHI News Service reports, more than a year after KanCare's launch, questions remain about how well it's working.

Find more information here about KanCare and how its working.

Groups representing Kansas doctors and nurses are scheduled to meet today in Topeka, to compromise on legislation that would allow specially trained nurses to set up their own practices.

Jim McLean reports...

Kansas and Missouri are among the states that would be affected if a federal court ruling on Obamacare subsidies stands.

As Jim McLean of the KHI News Service reports, consumers in both states could lose the subsidies that help make the coverage affordable.