Josh Cary

Food Commentator

Josh Cary may be the eCommerce Director at All Things Barbecue during the day, but at night he takes on the mantle of an award-winning Pitmaster, who has cooked on the competition barbecue circuit under various team names including ATBBQ, Yoder Smokers and the Que Tang Clan.

As a carnivorous Celiac sufferer he gladly consumes a little extra meat each meal.

Justin Cary

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I get to basically eat great food and write about it, well, that’s a conversation starter.

Justin Cary

There used to be a time when I would stand at the butcher counter at my local shop, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options in the case in front of me -- and that was just in the beef section.

Justin Cary

Crab cakes have become a staple in restaurants across the U.S., but it wasn’t that long ago that crab was seen as a difficult and dangerous crustacean that wasn’t worth the time and effort it took to catch them.

Justin Cary

When I think of cooking with fire, a lot of images pop into my head, but the most iconic of all is the wood-fired oven.

Justin Cary

Duck à l’Orange was once the best known duck recipe in the world. Popularized in the United States by Julia Child, it seemed to be on the menu of every French restaurant in the 1960s.

Over the years the dish’s star power has faded, according to some food experts. But if that is the case, someone forgot to let the rest of the world know.

Brisket burnt ends are one of the more fascinating foods in barbecue. Their storied history, which I’ve spoken of here before, makes them a true Kansas City original.

Of course, the great thing about food is that it is meant to be played with, no matter what your grandmother repeatedly told you at dinner time.

We’re taking a break from the grill this week, because what better way to ring in the new year than by diving into one of our other passions: spirits.

Justin Cary

Prime rib. Just saying these words makes me salivate. For many of us it brings back memories of holidays spent with families, or trips to fancy restaurants where the server would slice your portion off of the whole roast while standing right next to your table.

Justin Cary

Gravy: the unsung hero of the holiday dinner table. No matter what you’re serving -- from turkey to ham to prime rib -- gravy deserves a place on the table as a staple side.

Of all the classic Thanksgiving dishes, pumpkin pie may just be my favorite. Maybe it’s because when I was younger I convinced myself that I was really eating vegetables when consuming large quantities of pumpkin pie topped with extra whipped cream.