Lu Anne Stephens

Director of Content; Director of Programming and Operations; Music Host

Lu Anne has held many positions at KMUW, including local Morning Edition host and reporter/editor. In addition to her current duties as Director of Content and Director of Programming and Operations, Lu Anne produces KMUW’s “New Settler’s Radio Hour”  and countless special productions. After studying Music Performance and Journalism at Pittsburg State University, Lu completed her degree at Wichita State University in 1995. She has won several awards for journalistic excellence since she has been at KMUW.

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Saturday, September 26

This week New Settlers celebrates all things Irish with jigs, reels and ballads.  Through the years, several Celtic groups have performed in the area and we’ll sample from some of the best – including Cherish the Ladies, Cathie Ryan and her band and Grace Griffith.  Grab a pint and join the party.

A couple examples:

Saturday, September 19

Margo Hennebach, Adrienne Jones and Mark Saunders comprise the classical/folk/celt trifecta known as Mad Agnes. The Bloomfield, CT group hand delivered some harmonies to our friends at Old Settlers Inn.
Rich, complex and riddled with depth, hear Mad Agnes.

Saturday, September 12

New Settlers features GrooveLily – funky and fun and so, so talented.  The trio fuses acoustic, pop, classical and jazz.  We recorded them at the Old Settlers Inn.

GrooveLily admits they're hard to describe – here's a montage that will give you an idea!

Saturday, September 5

This week, it's a new show from a couple of old friends.  Jennifer Kimball and Lucy Kaplansky shared a concert at the Old Settlers Inn.  We've combined their great performances into a new Best of the Best!

Here's a sweet tune from Jennifer…

And another sweet tune from Lucy…

Saturday, August 15

Everyone loves a love song, right?  But no one more than singer/songwriters, who write about love in any conceivable form. Listen for tunes from Anne Hills, Pierce Pettis, Cheryl Wheeler, Brooks Williams, Tom Prasada-Rao and others, recorded at the Old Settlers Inn and other venues in and around Wichita.

Here's an example or two.  

Cheryl Wheeler with one of my all-time favorites…  

Saturday, August 8

Saturday, August 1

It's another from the Best of the Best series this week on the New Settlers' Radio Hour: Zoe Lewis and her Rubber Band performing at the Old Settlers Inn.  Zoe plays everything from traditional folk tunes to ballads to world beat to vaudeville.  And she sings a song about pie – does it get any better?

Here's one of her quirkier numbers performed live as part of the Front Porch House Concerts.

Saturday, July 25

This week we hear from singer, songwriter and storyteller Paul Thorn from a recording at Old Settlers Inn in Moundridge. His performance features blues and roots-rock with that hard-to-find element that says “southern.”  Paul is gritty and graceful and a consummate storyteller. You can hear an example of "That's Life" above.

Saturday, July 18

Saturday, July 11

This week on New Settlers' Radio Hour we hear from R&B favorite Kelley Hunt and her band from their performance at the Old Settlers Inn.  Kelley was born and raised in Kansas and continues to live in Lawrence though she spends a lot of her time touring the U.S. and the world.  Kelley's distinctive "boogie woogie" piano style can be traced to her beloved early piano teacher and subject of her song "Queen of the 88s", Mary Burke Norton.

Check out a live performance of "Queen of the 88s" below: