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Editorial commentator

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.

You might have heard him play with his band Pop & The Boys or with his wife at their standing gig at Watermark Books & Cafe. Richard is also KMUW's editorial cartoonist.

Ways to Connect

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Well, they say that confession is good for the soul. (Nobody talks about the poor, hapless souls who have to listen to confessions, of course, but nevertheless…)

So here’s a confession: I eat instant grits.

Richard Crowson

Were you as shocked and appalled as I was at the outrageous treatment of our own Governor Brownback by the audacious WSU and KU fans in Omaha? I could not believe my ears when I heard those boos aimed at this fine man. After all he’s done for the state of Kansas, this is his reward???

They boo a man who has saved our state from the ravages of economic recovery? A man who had the foresight to dam up Kansas revenue streams, causing a 25% reduction in income tax collections last year?

Little Bird Sings

Mar 11, 2015
Richard Crowson

Grim news everywhere you look these days, especially here in Kansas. This morning I was taught how to cope with it:

Early this morning I walked out my door

To see what my newspaper had in store

All the dreary headlines about hatred and war

I was dreading what the news would be

But the minute I stepped out in the morning air

I was shocked by the music all above and everywhere

There were birds singing and the song they shared

Was a lesson aimed straight at me


Sometimes progress goes into hibernation

Alberto G, flickr Creative Commons

What we got to do, is we got to nip Commonism in the bud. And by “Commonism” what I mean is Common Core. Common Core is Commonism.

We didn’t have no Commonism when me and all them other Kansans got our learning. And just look at what a bang-up job we done! Our smartness done made this state we got here into a sort of compost pile that attracts the bestest and the most brightest.

Richard Crowson
Beth Golay


A Kansan In Brownbackistan

To the tune of Okie from Muskogee: 

(Or view the video of Richard's performance below.)


We don’t like schoolin’ here in Kansas

Education’s something we abhor

Instead we give our money to the rich folks

And then we cut our services to the poor

We don’t need good highways here in Kansas

The wealthy, they’ve got jets to fly around

Who cares if our bridges rot and crumble

And make a few school buses tumble down


Richard Crowson

Woo hoo! Roll over, Beethoven! Tell Tchaikovsky the news! Rock and roll is here to stay! And by “rock and roll,” I mean earthquakes.

Kansas Geological Survey representatives recently testified at a legislative hearing. They said it’s not the fracking, it's the reinjecting of salty wastewater from the oil and gas drilling process into the earth. In other words, it’s not the frack, it’s the brack--brackish water injection.

It’s not possible for me to discuss the Paris shootings without being self-referential, so please forgive me if I sound as if I’m making this tragic global story about me.

I’m not a particularly brave person. I never served my country in uniform, and as a child, never wanted to be a fireman or a policeman. Those folks are courageous.

Crossett Library, flickr Creative Commons

2015! Good grief it sounds like a year right out of the future! There’s just something about the way “2015” sounds that makes me think of cars that fly and people that get out of them wearing silver Spandex jump suits.    

Where is that dazzling future that my Weekly Reader predicted, back in 1962? Ok, we sort of have the “television phones” that once seemed so alluring. But no flying cars. No pills that reconstitute into full steak dinners magically. No robot house servants.

Kevin Dooley, flickr Creative Commons

When I was little I’d wear a big grin, round Christmastime, round Christmastime

The cars were shaped like toasters then, round Christmas way back when

All the coats were plaid and everyone had the funny looking caps with the big earflaps

All the kids would be grinning from flap to flap round Christmastime back then

There was no such thing as a shopping mall round Christmastime, round Christmastime

You shopped downtown if you shopped at all round Christmas way back when