Stephen Koranda

Stephen is the statehouse reporter for Kansas Public Radio.


Voting Laws
4:42 pm
Tue July 16, 2013

Board Rejects Change To Voter Registration Citizenship Rules

A state board Tuesday rejected a proposed change to a law requiring Kansans to present proof of citizenship when registering to vote for the first time.

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Education Funding
3:57 pm
Mon July 15, 2013

Report: Kansas One Of Few States To Cut Higher Ed Funding

A national advocacy organization says Kansas is one of only a handful of states that cut funding for higher education this year.

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Arts Funding
3:53 pm
Fri July 12, 2013

State Arts Agency Again Eligible For Federal Matching Funds

The National Endowment for the Arts has made a preliminary decision saying Kansas is once again eligible to receive federal matching funds for arts programs. That decision was revealed during a meeting of the state's arts agency Friday.

When Governor Sam Brownback vetoed state arts funding in 2011, Kansas lost federal matching dollars. With some arts funding restored, the NEA says Kansas could be eligible for up to $560,000 in matching funds this fiscal year.

Peter Jasso, director of the Creative Arts Industries Commission, called the decision great news.

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6:56 am
Fri July 12, 2013

More Than 80 Residents Blast Westar's Proposed Rate Hikes

Around 80 people gathered in Topeka for the hearing Thursday.
Credit Stephen Koranda

State regulators took public comments last night on a proposed Westar Energy rate increase.

Westar is asking to raise rates by 2 percent and to shift more electricity costs from large customers to residential users and small businesses. The company said the cost shift is necessary because larger business customers are paying more than their fair share.

About 80 people showed up in Topeka for the hearing, and many of them lined up to blast the proposal.

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Education Standards
4:09 pm
Tue July 9, 2013

Common Core Opponents Criticize Testing

Common Core educational standards were once again a topic at Tuesday's meeting of the Kansas State Board of Education.

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Gun Laws
3:46 pm
Wed July 3, 2013

Hundreds Of Local Governments Request Gun Law Exemptions

The Kansas Attorney General's office has received notifications from more than 300 local governments stating that they're exempting themselves from a new state gun law.

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Board of Regents
3:54 pm
Tue July 2, 2013

Democratic Senator Criticizes Regents Appointments

A Democratic senator from Topeka says Governor Sam Brownback is packing the Kansas Board of Regents with too many Republicans.

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6:33 am
Thu June 27, 2013

Getting Locally Grown Foods To The Industrial Kitchens That Want Them

Douglas County has been awarded grants totaling more than $68,000 for a regional food hub feasibility study.

The year-long study will determine whether 16 counties in the northeast corner of Kansas could benefit by creating a warehouse for locally-grown foods.

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6:23 am
Wed June 26, 2013

Kansas Will Do Less Internal Borrowing To Pay Its Bills This Year

The state of Kansas will need to do less internal borrowing next fiscal year to pay the state's bills. Tuesday, a group made up of legislators and the governor approved $300 million in transfers for the new fiscal year, which starts July 1.

Every year tax collections go up and down month to month, meaning the state has to temporarily move money from various programs into the general fund to pay the bills. Those transfers have been going down in recent years. Gov. Sam Brownback says that’s good.

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6:29 am
Tue June 25, 2013

State Looks At Ways To Reduce Childhood Poverty, Including Relationship Training

A task force appointed by the governor has wrapped up a series of meetings looking for ways to reduce childhood poverty in Kansas. They discussed three so-called "pathways out of poverty," which include ways to improve education, get more Kansans working and strengthen families.

The committee was told that in 2011 around 19 percent of Kansas kids lived in poverty, and they’re hoping that focusing on some key areas can reduce that.

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