Tanya Tandoc

Food commentator

Tanya Tandoc was a chef, writer, artist and owner of Tanya's Soup Kitchen in Wichita.

When she was not piloting her soup ship, she taught cooking classes, wrote recipes, consulted and was a food stylist for the restaurant industry. She was also a ceramicist, cellist and bellydancer.

Tanya passed in June 2015 and is sorely missed.

Tanya Tandoc / KMUW

I read cookbooks like novels, and I have ever since I discovered my mother’s late '60s edition of Betty Crocker. I have more than 400 food books, and I love them all, even the ones that aren’t very good.

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I moved to Wichita after culinary school in the early '90s. The restaurant landscape at the time was just beginning to change and grow. 

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I have talked before about how lucky we are to live in an area with such fantastic Lebanese food.

Jeremy Coleman

I rarely splurge on dining out. So, when I do, I try to pick restaurants that have excellent buzz and have proven their point for at least a year.

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I am so happy to welcome Wichita’s new Indonesian restaurant, Bali Café, to town! In a city filled with marvelous Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese restaurants, Bali Café rounds out our collection of Southeast Asian delights.

Tanya Tandoc / KMUW

I love spicy food.

I love it when I eat something so hot that I get a little high from it, or start to hallucinate just a little. I want to sweat and pant as I eat. It may seem sadomasochistic to you, but it’s my kind of fun. 

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I am thrilled by the recent opening of Molino’s Mexican Cuisine, on north Waco! Mario and Mara Quiroz are back after their much-loved restaurant Frida’s closed a few years ago.

Food: Mouthfeel

Jun 28, 2013
stu_spivack / Flickr

Lots of people I know are texturally sensitive eaters.

They won’t eat anything slimy, bouncy, gummy, gelatinous or spongy. Even the idea of tapioca pudding gives them the shivers.

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

I was recently treated to Sunday brunch with a friend who “kidnapped” me and took me to R Coffeehouse, in the remodeled building that used to house the Riverside Perk.

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

If you have lived in Wichita for longer than a year and haven’t made the trip to Harry’s Uptown Bar & Grill, you are missing out on some of the best atmosphere in town.