Autism Services For Some Children Will Begin In January

Apr 17, 2014

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signs HB 2744 at a ceremony at the KU Edwards Campus
Credit Bryan Thompson

Insurance companies will begin covering autism services next January for a limited number of children in Kansas.

A bill mandating such coverage has now been signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback.

“So I am pleased to sign this bill today, expanding coverage for autism," Brownback says. "This is an important moment for families that deal with the challenges of an autistic family member, and it’s important that we do this as a society.”

For 2015, the law will only apply to large-group policies, with approximately 250 kids gaining coverage. The following year, another 750 kids will be covered through individual and small group policies that are grandfathered under the Affordable Care Act. Michael Wasmer has a daughter with autism.

“These are medically-necessary treatments," Wasmer says. "These are prescribed by our doctors, and that’s what our health insurance is for.”

State Representative John Rubin, of Shawnee, hopes the limitations put on the bill to get it through the House and Senate can be removed in the future…

“It is my fervent hope that we’ll be able to continue to work until we get this coverage extended to everyone who has a child in this state with autism, but this is a monumental step forward," Rubin says.