Bill To Fully Repeal 2012 Kansas Tax Cuts Stalls

May 19, 2017

Kansas House and Senate negotiators continue to struggle as they work on a tax plan to help balance the state budget. Thursday, talks stalled on a bill that would fully reverse the tax cuts pushed by Gov. Sam Brownback.

House negotiators offered the idea of totally undoing the 2012 Kansas tax cuts, but then pulled back.

Republican Rep. Steven Johnson says they’re still trying to decide whether to pursue a plan they could pass with a simple majority, and get a signature from the governor, or a larger tax increase that would probably require a veto override.

“[We're] looking at both. Whatever the body is able to move forward on. It is difficult to achieve both majorities that are required,” Johnson said.

The full tax cut repeal would have raised more than $1.4 billion in the next two years. Lawmakers need to fill a budget hole approaching $1 billion, and they are considering adding more money for public schools.

Democratic Sen. Tom Holland argued it was premature to consider voting on a tax plan before they have a school funding bill finalized.