Community Baby Showers To Be Held Saturday To Combat SIDS

Aug 17, 2012

Kansas has the 4th highest Sudden Infant Death syndrome or SIDS rate in the US, and it’s even higher for black children.

An area group organized community baby showers to be held in Wichita Saturday, to promote good health and safe sleep for babies.

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer Tuesday issued a proclamation at the City Council meeting recognizing “A Healthy Baby Begins With You Day”.

SIDS Network Director Christi Schunn says the infant mortality rate in Kansas among black infants is the highest in the country.

“A black baby is more likely to die in Kansas than any other state and that is infant mortality which is 0 to 1 year of life,” says Schunn.

Representatives from the SIDS Network, The Black Nurses Association and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses will host baby showers to raise awareness about the importance of pre-natal care and information on safe sleep.

“And if they’ll be willing to go through our questions and education, we’ll send them home with a crib and a wearable blanket, ” says Schunn.

“Those are two things that reduces the risk of SIDS significantly.”

Schunn says a lot of babies are “co bedding”, or sleeping with a parent in bed, but she says it’s safest for a baby to be in its own bed. 

There will be two community baby showers held at Wichita’s Holy Savior Church Saturday, at 11am and 1pm, with the 11am event designated for Spanish speakers.