Farm Country Speculates On New Ag Secretary

Nov 11, 2016

Now that Donald Trump is elected, he must go on a hiring spree for his cabinet. Harvest Public Media’s Peggy Lowe reports that farm country is wondering just who the Secretary of Agriculture will be.

Donn Teske is a Kansas farmer and vice president of the National Farmers Union. He says the joke in farm country before the election went something like this: Who knows who Donald Trump would put in as Ag Secretary? It might even be Hank Kimball.

Don’t know him? He played a befuddled county agent in the popular 1970’s sitcom "Green Acres," the show about a rich New York couple moving to the country. Funny, Teske says, but ag leaders can only speculate on who the next secretary might be.

“Really we don’t know anything," he says. "They’re as puzzled in our office in D.C. as I am out here in the country. We don’t have a clue.”

Names being talked about include a number of Midwestern governors and former governors, including Sam Brownback of Kansas, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Dave Heineman of Nebraska, Sonny Perdue of Georgia and Rick Perry of Texas.