Gov. Brownback Assembles Task Force To Address Seismic Activity Related To Fracking

Feb 18, 2014

Governor Brownback named a state task force to study and develop a State Action Plan for Induced Seismicity related to oil and gas activities in Kansas.

Induced seismicity refers to minor earthquakes resulting from human activity.

Brownback said in a news release that "Recent seismic activity in south-central Kansas has raised concerns that fluid injection might be related."

The task force includes Kansas Geological Survey interim director Rex Buchanan.

Buchanan says "There is data that point to a possible correlation between fluid injection and seismic activity," Buchanan said.

The task force will observe the area to learn why it's experienced a recent increase in seismic activity.

The group will meet at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex in Wichita on April 16th.