House Committee Considering Strip Club Bill

Feb 14, 2013

Members of a Kansas House committee are considering a bill known as the Community Defense Act. The measure would put new restrictions on what can take place in strip clubs and where they can be located.

Phillip Cosby is with the American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri. He told the Federal and State Affairs Committee that when adult businesses open, they are often accompanied by a host of problems. "The deleterious effects on communities are primarily increased crime, increased sexually transmitted diseases, blight, property devaluation, prostitution, human and drug trafficking," Cosby said.

Philip Bradley represents some Kansas owners of adult clubs. He said Cosby's claims about the problems caused by adult businesses haven't actually been proven.

"Most of the testimony today dealt with issues that don't have correlation by evidence, by corroborated evidence, to clubs, and certainly not to clubs in Kansas," Bradley said.

Hearings on the bill will continue Friday.