Inside The FlightSafety International Building

Oct 30, 2014

Credit Deborah Shaar

Four people died in a firery crash yesterday morning at Wichita's Mid Continent Airport - five people were taken to Via Cristi hospital, three were released as of Thursday night.  KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc has more . . . 

There were flight training simulation classes going on in the FlightSafety Building, owned by Cessna, when the plane tore through its roof. Mathew Price is here from Canada and he was in class - right before 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

"Mid-class, we felt kind of a pressure change and no one really overthought it. Then, that progressed into being told to evacuate due to the fire, which we thought was like a simulation or something. I went outside and looked up and and saw black billowing smoke."

The pilot of the Beechcraft King Air plane took off and then told controllers, almost immediately, that he had engine trouble. He doubled back to Mid-Continent, but crashed into the FlightSafety International Building -- and it burst into flames. The NTSB has arrived at the site to begin their investigation into the cause of the crash.