It’s Not Dark Yet In The Garden Of Lights

Aug 15, 2017

Richard X. Heyman’s 'Incognito'
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Saturday, August 19

Richard X. Heyman’s status as a cult musician has never stopped him from delivering topnotch power pop songs. His latest album, Incognito continues that trend. On it, Heyman traverses the distance between the head and the heart with songs that reflect on the social and political realities of contemporary life and the timeless topic of love. We’ll hear selections from Heyman’s latest on this episode, plus selections from XTC’s Nonsuch.

Monday, August 21

Sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer have just released their first-ever collaborative album, Not Dark Yet. The record finds the pair covering songs by Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Nick Cave. Listen for music from that album on this episode as well as selections from the record’s producer, Teddy Thompson, and his 2007 country-inspired collection, Up Front and Down Low.

Danny Gatton's '88 Elmira Street'
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Tuesday, August 22

We'll celebrate John Lee Hooker's centennial birthday. 

Wednesday, August 23

Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan were two guitarists that changed the face of guitar forever. Both men combined elements of blues, jazz and country with a flair for the dramatic and a deep sense of lyricism. We’ll hear selections from Gatton’s 1991 release 88 Elmira St. as well as Buchanan’s self-titled 1972 debut, which featured his classic composition “The Messiah Will Come Again.”

Thursday, August 24

Treasures Untold is the new live recording from singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. Listen for music from that release on this episode as well as selections from the latest from Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life.

Bill Nelson's 'Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights'
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Friday, August 25

Guitarist Bill Nelson may be best known for his work as a member of Be-Bop Deluxe and his highly experimental solo albums throughout the 1980s. One of those forward-thinking records, 1987’s Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights has just been reissued in expanded form. We’ll hear music from that release as well as from Nelson’s time with Be-Bop Deluxe.

Saturday, August 26

Formed in New York’s Hudson River Valley, The Warp/The Weft draws inspiration from classic British folk and progressive rock as well as contemporary folk acts such as Fleet Foxes and Murder By Death. Listen for selections from the group’s latest, Mapping An Absence as well as Richard and Linda Thompson’s classic Shoot Out The Lights.