Kansans Walk 60 Miles To Show Support For Kansas Public Schools

Apr 1, 2014

Education advocates walk to the Kansas Statehouse for a ceremonial end to the trip.
Credit Stephen Koranda

Four parents and a teacher have walked from Johnson County to the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka to show their support for Kansas public schools.

The Kansans who made the 60-mile trek say they want lawmakers to reverse more of the funding cuts made during the recession.

Devin Wilson of Lenexa says he's a lifelong Kansan and a lifelong Republican.

Wilson wants lawmakers to increase funding to help reverse the trend of increased class sizes.

"They're looking at moving some funding around, and I think you can do that in the short term, but I'm going to live in Kansas for a good long time and my kids are going to stay here," Wilson says. "We have to look at some long term solutions and look at adequate funding."

The walk started Friday and ended on Monday with an event at the Statehouse.

This is the second year for the walk, organized by the group Game On for Kansas Schools.