Kansas Adds 51 Counties To PACE Program

Apr 3, 2014

A federal-state program to help older Kansans stay in their own homes is being expanded by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.

Bryan Thompson reports that PACE is for people 55 and older, who qualify for nursing home care

PACE stands for Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly--and that's just what it is: all-inclusive.

Services are provided at adult day health centers, at home, and at inpatient facilities.

PACE provides all services covered by Medicare and Medicaid. It covers things such as (but not limited to):

• Primary Care (including doctor and nursing services)

• Hospital Care • Medical Specialty Services

• Prescription Drugs

• Nursing Home Care

• Emergency Services

• Home Care

• Physical Therapy

• Occupational Therapy

• Adult Day Care

• Recreational Therapy

• Meals

• Dentistry

• Nutritional Counseling

• Social Services

• Laboratory/X-ray Services

• Social Work Counseling

• Transportation

And if the time comes when the only option is a nursing home, that's covered too. In Kansas, the program has only been available in 8 counties.

Next year, 51 more counties will join the program. Secretary of Aging and Disability Services Shawn Sullivan says PACE participants have better health, higher quality of life, and lower mortality rates than seniors who are not in the program.