Kansas House Education Plan Stalls

Apr 3, 2014

Credit Stephen Koranda / KPR/File photo

The Kansas Senate will debate an education funding bill on Thursday, while a similar bill has hit a snag in the House.

The bills are a response to a state Supreme Court ruling saying Kansas created inequalities between wealthy and poorer school districts when lawmakers cut education funding.

Leaders in both chambers had been planning to hold debates on Thursday.

Both bills use a mix of new money and dollars shifted from other areas to try to comply with the court ruling and reduce disparities between districts.

The House version would take money from teacher pensions and school transportation. That plan only passed out of a House committee after the chairman voted to break a tie.

The House Appropriations Committee was set to look at the bill again last night and make some tweaks, but the meeting was abruptly cancelled.

That means the full House won't be debating their bill until at least Friday.

It's not clear if the two chambers will be able to come to a solution before lawmakers leave Topeka for a month-long break.