Kansas Legislature Passes Uber Compromise

May 20, 2015

Credit Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures, flickr Creative Commons

The Kansas Legislature has approved a compromise with the ride-hailing service Uber that should bring the company back to Kansas. As Stephen Koranda reports, the bill is now headed to Governor Sam Brownback for consideration.

Both chambers in the Kansas Legislature easily passed the compromise, which adds background checks for drivers and insurance requirements.

Some lawmakers say similar laws could appear around the country.

“Other states can say ‘hey, we’re going to go with what Kansas did because you said it was OK in Kansas,’” says Republican Representative Scott Schwab

Schwab helped broker the compromise between banks, Uber and the state.

“We’re really cutting a new trail, because every state is struggling with, one: how to do background checks and make sure there’s public safety. And, are they a cab company or not?” says Schwab.

Governor Brownback vetoed a previous bill that regulated Uber. When lawmakers voted to override that veto, Uber pulled out of the state.