Kansas Recognized for Driver's License Security

Apr 10, 2013

The state of Kansas is being recognized for having one of the most secure driver's license designs in the nation.

The Coalition for a Secure Driver's License is a non-partisan, non-profit group that advocates for better security in state-issued IDs. Brian Zimmer, with the coalition, said he hopes the award will attract the attention of other states.

“There are states, perhaps a majority, that are influenced by their peers. And, when they look at their next upgrade, their next change of driver’s licenses, will look at things like the Kansas driver’s license and say ‘OK, Kansas got an award. What did they put in there and how can we use some of these same methods?’” Zimmer said.

The Kansas licenses use special printing and engraving that makes them difficult to counterfeit or modify.

Zimmer said they only give this award once per year to states that make major strides in document security. He said counterfeiting IDs is connected to crimes like credit card fraud and identity theft.