Kansas Seniors Feeling Effects Of Budget Cuts

Jun 7, 2016

Credit Mabel Lamour/Belma/ReineMab / flickr Creative Commons

Recent cuts made to a program that helps Kansas seniors stay out of nursing homes are starting to have an impact: The cuts are forcing seniors onto waiting lists for services.

The cuts are a small part of about $80 million in reductions Republican Gov. Sam Brownback was forced to make last month. But they’re have a big impact on a program that provides care for seniors, helping them in and out of bathtubs and keeping their apartments clean.

The 11 Area Agencies on Aging that administer the program across the state have started wait-listing seniors.

“When I have to go out and meet people in desperate need and say I’m sorry we can’t accommodate all of your needs, it’s very difficult,” says Monica Anderson, who has been a caseworker for Johnson County's agency for 22 years.

The cuts are expected to affect more than 1,000 Kansas seniors.