KBOR Committee Throws Out Recommended Social Media Policy Revision

Apr 17, 2014

Some controversial social media rules for state university employees are getting a review from the Kansas Board of Regents. But for now, regents are standing by the main tenets of the policy.

Employees can be disciplined or fired for social media posts that violate the rules, including statements judged not to be in the best interest of a university or that interfere with a university's operation.

A Board of Regents committee on Wednesday rejected a recommendation to simply scale back the scope of the policy. Regent Fred Logan says the policy is carefully written.

“The fact of the matter is that this is so narrowly drawn that it would be very difficult to violate this policy. It’s drawn that narrowly,” says Logan.

Some members of a study group examining the issue say the current policy can have a chilling effect on academic freedom and stifle discussion.

The regents are considering adding language that says the board supports academic freedom and free speech.

The committee will review an amended draft of the social media policy in the coming weeks. The full Board of Regents will likely consider the changes at a meeting next month.