KNEA Promises To File Lawsuit Against Law Eliminating Teacher Tenure

Jun 10, 2014

On Monday, the Kansas National Education Association--or KNEA--promised to file a state-court lawsuit against a new law that eliminates teacher tenure in public schools.

The KNEA represents 23,000 educators in Kansas.

The measure was attached to a school funding bill that takes effect in July.

The law increases state aid by 129 million dollars for poorer school districts, in order to comply with a Kansas Supreme court ruling that found Kansas was not adequately funding its schools.

The union strongly objects to the tenure provision of the bill.

It will eliminate the right of teachers facing dismissal after three years in the classroom to have their cases reviewed by independent hearing officers.

The law also gives tax credits to corporations bankrolling private-school scholarships for at-risk children, and lets professionals with science, math or technology expertise to become teachers without completing college teacher-preparation programs.