KU Doctors Fix 3-Week-Old Girl's Aneurysm With Super Glue

Jun 11, 2013

Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital expect a three-week-old girl to make a full recovery after they closed an aneurysm in her brain…using super glue.

Jared and Gina Julian knew there was something wrong with their three-week-old daughter, Ashlyn, when she suddenly began screaming.

Her mother says "She was very stiff, and then very rag-doll limp. And then... not super responsive." Later that night after Ashlyn threw up a second time, her parents went to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Gina Julian talks to her daughter, Ashlyn, after her surgery.
Credit Keith Myers of the Kansas City Star / Kansas City Star

Doctors there ran an ultrasound on Ashlyn's head, then quickly transferred her to University of Kansas hospital. There, doctors discovered that a blood vessel in the baby's brain had swollen and ruptured. Rather than risk surgery--with the potential for bleeding--they used a tiny catheter to deliver a drop of surgical super glue to close off the leaking blood vessel.

The doctors say they think it's the first time this has ever been done with a baby who is less than a month old.