Lawsuit Against KU Over Sexual Assault Takes Novel Legal Approach

Mar 15, 2016

The University of Kansas campus.
Credit Tristan Bowersox / Flickr Creative Commons

As incidents of sexual violence on college campuses draw greater scrutiny, a lawsuit filed against KU is taking a novel legal approach.

Most civil lawsuits filed by sexual assault victims allege violations of the federal sex discrimination law. This one, however, was brought by an alleged victim’s parents. It claims KU violated the Kansas Consumer Protection law by misrepresenting its dorms as safe and secure.

“If you’re paying tuition, what you’re buying here is to keep my kid in a safe place to teach them things,” says Dan Curry, a lawyer for the parents, James and Amanda Tackett.

They say their daughter was raped in one of the school’s residence halls.

KU calls the lawsuit baseless and says it provides robust services for victims of sexual assault and violence.