Legislative Committee Considers Ban On Sex-Selective Abortions

Feb 12, 2013

Abortion opponents are urging a Kansas Senate committee to back legislation barring doctors from terminating pregnancies solely because a woman doesn't want a baby of a certain sex.

Monday's hearing by the Public Health and Welfare Committee began a push by anti-abortion groups and legislators for new restrictions on abortion and abortion providers.

The bill on so-called "sex-selection abortions" would make it a misdemeanor the first time a doctor was caught performing such a procedure. Doctors also could face lawsuits from family members of abortion patients.

Proponents of the bill said in other countries, such abortions are usually done to prevent the birth of a girl.

No abortion rights groups testified Monday, but National Organization for Women lobbyist Elise Higgins said the legislation would limit women's decision making capabilities and criminalize health providers.