A Musical Life: Ant Avery

Apr 4, 2014

Credit Ryan Hendrix

Anything worth possessing is worth sacrificing, even fighting for, and your career is no exception to the rule. For the Wichita, Kansas native Antimosity, the nine years that he has been grinding to maximize his full potential as a hip hop recording artist has been well worth the wait. The charismatic wordsmith is well prepared for everything coming his way, because he worked hard to get here.

Antimosity began writing rhymes at the young age of twelve and over the years his music has grown and matured from unformatted written freestyles to eloquent, genre-bending, politically charged, musically adventurous, and genuinely entertaining full length songs. He uses metaphor and exaggeration to drive home his message; intellect and the gift of gab allowed him to overcome more challenges in his youth than most people face in a lifetime.

An avid music fan, Antimosity's influences range from Public Enemy, Kool G Rap to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. He draws inspiration from his beliefs, current events and his own personal life to shape a future in hip hop. Antimosity’s aim is to smash the boundaries that divide Hip Hop and to be a universal voice for the enlightenment and of all people, regardless of their differences.

"Born in a Midwest state/about eight pounds of weight"

My name is Ant Avery AKA Antimosity.

I am an alternative hip-hop artist.

"Increased the crime rate a large percentage/during my lineage/gun name above average/like Mark Wahlberg in Shooter/sometimes street as riot looter"

Public Enemy, man. Hearing what they were sayin’ and how they were sayin’ it and how they were such a collective. When you would see them, the S1Ws. Flavor Flav was an entity.

"Love Kahlua and milk with vodka/Why do people shop at American Eagle and Hollister?/Never was in foster care but was adopted/get my product from somewhere tropic/intellect with a professor with philosophic lessons."

To some degree we’re all saying the same things. All of us.

"Then went through state corrections/little beef like a delicatessen market/bats, knives, or I’m under arms like an arm pit stays/roll the dice, say, “School Days”/can maybe afford Escalades/if they was made by Saturn."

Then, at the day, there are rules, they say, to this.

"Midwestern section of the atlas/we fight hard like cage matches/ I become callused and cold/same mind state since I was paroled"

There has to be some kind of subject matter in there that’s enlightening or cutting edge or personal, even.

"I’m an uncontrolled untamed spirit/with each lyric/I put my life on exhibit like Final Friday"

And I learned about tectonic plates. I remember I said some line, like, “Make the earth shake/tectonic plates/seal your fate. “

"Like by a code like a pirate I’m parlay/my mother said to pray more often/I just need to drink with more caution"