A Musical Life: Matt Hamer

Jan 24, 2014

Credit Courtesy photo

Matt Hamer is a member of the band Coriander. The group has just issued the album Old Invitations

My name is Matt Hamer and I play guitar and sing in a band called Coriander.

I got my start in music playing trumpet in fifth grade and learned guitar later on.

I started playing music in church and that’s how I started playing music in front of people, gaining comfort there.

Jeff Tweedy from Wilco… Wilco is my favorite band so I have to resist the urge to copy them all the time. A guy named Dustin Kensrue who’s in a band called Thrice.

Aaron Weiss who’s in a band called MewithoutYou. I think those two guys write in a real honest, almost confessional way. More so Aaron Weiss than Dustin Kensrue but they both also have a way of talking about things that aren’t talked about in a lot of music, not in a contrived or corny way.

So, they talk about God a lot or they talk about marriage a lot. And those are all things that I care a lot about and also things I am really interested in writing about.