A Musical Life: Noah Hamilton

Jul 11, 2014

Credit Courtesy photo

Noah Hamilton has just released the record Liberation under the name Oceanarms.

My name is Noah Hamilton. I am in a solo one-man band called Oceanarms and an acoustic group called The Living Tree.

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to pace out an album that I wanted to release. I started up a SoundCloud account and I trickled—about every month—some songs out. Then it hit me, kind of all at once, that the album was done. I had about 17 or so songs that were complete.

I’m a constructionist so I’ll play a basic part based on how I feel. Then use that as a diving board for the next part and the next part. Then I’ll layer them in until adding anything more would take something away.

It can be frustrating at times because I can get so close to the music that I lost sight of whether it’s palatable to others. So I would say that that’s the biggest drawback to being a solo artist but the biggest advantage is that it’s only limited to my imagination.