Musical Space: Record Store Day Is All About The Deep Find

Apr 15, 2014

Record Store Day takes place on Saturday, April 19.


April 19th is Record Store Day—an international celebration of vinyl records that caters to rabid fans and rabid collectors alike. The first Record Store Day was in 2007 and came with a hitch in the age of online shopping: The releases were only available at independent stores and you had to physically go to the store to get the records you wanted—if your store received those releases in your shipment.

Record Store Day represents reissues of blasts from the past as well as new and limited releases.

This year, Bruce Springsteen gets into the act with some previously unreleased songs and Neil Young fans are already rejoicing that he’s finally reissuing the long out of print album Time Fades Away.

There’s also room for one-off split releases and colored goodies, including Regina Spektor’s theme to Orange Is The New Black on orange vinyl.

As for me? I’ll be looking for the new split release by Flaming Lips and Devo.