PACs Raising, Spending Big Bucks In Kansas

Oct 31, 2012

The top of the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka peeks out from the trees.
Credit Jimmy Emerson / Flickr

Political action committees, or PACs, have submitted their last campaign finance reports before the fall election. Two of the wealthiest in Kansas are a PAC connected to a teachers' union and another affiliated with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

The two PACs both have raised and spent big bucks, but they have very different goals.

The Kansas National Education Association's PAC has more than $400,000 that can be spent in the final days of the election. The group spent nearly $300,000 in recent months, mostly to help Democratic candidates for the Legislature. While the KNEA PAC has a good chunk of change in the bank, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce PAC raised far more in recent months, bringing in nearly $600,000.

The Chamber PAC has been working to help conservative Republicans gain greater control in the Kansas Legislature.