Paul Davis Names Jill Docking As Running Mate

Oct 23, 2013

Democratic lawmaker Paul Davis has named Wichita businesswoman Jill Docking as his running mate in his bid for governor.

In 1996, Docking ran unsuccessfully against current Gov. Brownback for a U.S. Senate seat.

At a rally in Topeka Tuesday, Docking said her decision to run for lieutenant governor has nothing to do with past political races.

She says reckless tax policies and cuts to public education are threatening Kansas' future.

"Within a week of taking his oath of office, Gov. Sam Brownback declared public education is to the state what national defense is to the federal government," she says. "We could not have agreed more with him, but four months later the same Gov. Brownback executed the largest public education cuts in Kansas history."

Docking also criticized Brownback for giving in to legislative demands to cut funding to the state's universities.

She is the former chair of the Kansas Board of Regents.