Richard Crowson: A Capitol Crime

Feb 1, 2013

Richard Crowson borrows the tune from Woody Guthrie's "Union Maid" to give his take on what's happening in the state legislature. Hear Richard singing his original song by clicking the play button above.

Here in Kansas, as a rule, we don't much care for schools

Our legislators are big haters of all our public educators

School funding's always low, cause the legislators know

Teachers will buy kids' school supplies by using their own dough!

But that's not enough-- now they wanna kill the union

They wanna kill the union, now they wanna kill the union

We're a right-to-work state, still they wanna kill the union

Cause they don't want teachers to make a living wage.

Oh, the union's voluntary, though the politicians make it sound scary

Teachers join by choice, cause it gives them a voice when it's time for collective bargaining

But the legislators whine, they think that now's the time

With a right-wing governor's blessing, they're committing a Capitol crime.

Oh, the reason never said, for why they want to kill public ed

Is that they can't trust voters like us who have an educated head

And educated state is something that they hate

Their reelection is jeopardized when the voters are made wise.

So they're going after teachers-- they wanna kill the union

They wanna kill the union, they're hating on the union

They're sneaking it past, they wanna do it real soon and

They're gonna kill the union just as quick as they can.