‘Souls To The Polls’ Seeks To Increase Voter Turnout

Jun 22, 2012

Ministers and representatives from churches across Wichita met with staff from the Sedgwick County voter registration office Thursday as part of an initiative called ‘Souls to the Polls’. 

The goal of the initiative is to get more people out to vote. 

Ministers and volunteers discussed ways to increase voter turnout and decrease apathy by some citizens who may think their vote isn’t important. 

Rev. Eric Williams is the Business Administrator for the Greater Wichita Ministerial League.

“When you look at voting statistics right now, 2008 was one of the greatest turnouts that we’ve had,” says Williams.

“Since then it seems like that the constituents are waning away from the importance of staying focused on the voting process and the fact that their vote counts.”

Williams says volunteers will also explain about registration, advance voting, and about bringing proper ID. 

He says the league is working on a plan to organize transportation to the polls.